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SOLD! Lifetime Collector Estate Downsizing 2


Closing Tues., Nov. 30, 2021 starting at 7:00 PM

Pick-Up on Fri., Dec. 3rd from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Dillsburg, PA 17019

I thought the first auction was amazing, the second auction of this incredible collection that spanned 50+ years may be even better…250+ Lots!

Victorian Era: Marble Top Tables; Hall Tree, Onyx Stands; Glass / China: EAPG Colored; Satin; Brides Baskets; Pickle Castors; Ruby; Childs Sets; Chocolate Sets; Fish Set; Sterling and China Demitasse Set; Sterling Top Cut Glass Humidor; Lamps: Red Satin Baby Face; Madame; Piano; Gone With the Wind; Slag Glass; Banquet; Oil & Miniatures;  Furnishings / Collectibles: Bowfront Curio Cabinets; Oak Secretary; Drop Leaf Tables; Barrister Style Bookcases; Hand Knotted Wool Rugs; Hubley & Wilton Cast Iron Door Stops; Ice Cream Scoops; Brass & Copper Kettles; Childrens: Furniture, Toys, Doll Furniture…MORE!

There is a partial listing online now...but it is being updated weekly.  Check back for updates to the catalog.

Shipping is avaiable through  Maildock at 717-274-6600 or [email protected].  If you are having difficulty registering please call Jennings Auction at 717-268-0020.



Lot 331  Cased Satin Glass   Blue Satin With Raindrop Pattern In Descending Oblong Shape With Crimped Top Rim   Dimensions: 8.5H 6D 6.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 332  Figural Bottle   EMBROS   Man Sitting On A Barrel, One Quart Bottle Marked Embros, Bottom Is Marked With S In A Circle And 6, Originally Contained Mellow Sherry   Dimensions: 11H 4.25D 4.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 333  Brides Basket   MERIDEN B CO   36  Basket Is Cased With Top Beingwhite To Blue Fringed Glass In A Gently Twisted Scalloped Rim With Waves, 2 1/2 Inch Base, Frame Is Quadruple Plated By Meriden B Co       Marked 36 Which Overstamped A 297 Stamp   Dimensions: 10H 8.875D 8.875W   Qty: 1

Lot 334  Cast Brass Inkwell   Reyreiver With Duck In Mouth, Head Lifts To Reveal Removable Brass Inkwell   Dimensions: 4H 7D 11W   Qty: 1

Lot 335  Chocolate Set   Nippon Hand Painted Chocolate Set With Pot And 5 Cups And Saucers, Has Hand Applied Gold Accents   Dimensions: 9.25H 5.5D 7W   Qty: 1

Lot 336  Banquet Lamp   Electric Figural Lamp, Cast Metal Base With Young Child, Decorative Font Topped With 9.5 Inch Globe, Plug Needs To Be Teplaced   Dimensions: 30.5H 9D 9W   Qty: 1

Lot 337  Pickle Caster   ROGERS SMITH AND CO   Cased Satin Glass Jar With Pale To Dark Yellow Glass And Having Hand Applied Porcelain Branches And Flowers. Base And Lid And Tongs Are Plated White Metal Made By Rogers Smith And Co In West Meriden Conn, No. 130. Some Plating Loss Is Evident   Dimensions: 11.375H 4.5D 5.375W   Qty: 1

Lot 338  Toy Cast Stove   GRAY IRON CASTING  CO   Operating Toy Cast Stove Made In Florin Pa. Circa 1910-1920   Dimensions: 13.75H 9D 8W   Qty: 1

Lot 339  Madame Lamp   Red Satin Glass Lamp Converted To Electric   Dimensions: 24.5H 9.5D 9.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 340  Food Grinder   NEW STANDARD   NO. 0   Hand Operated, Table Edge Mounted,  Grinder/Chopper. Missing Wire That Holds Bottom Together (Small Finish Nail Will Work)    Dimensions: 7.5H 2.5D 5W   Qty: 1

Lot 341  Doll Furniture   Windsor Style Deacons Bench And Chair   Dimensions: 15H 7.5D 17W   Qty: 1

Lot 342  Glass Insulators   WHITALL- TATUM, HEMINGRAY, ARMSTONG, DOMINION   Several Sizes, (14) Total (1) Blue With Chip And (1) Clear Has Large Chip   Qty: 1

Lot 343  Cast Iron Frog Doorstop   Cast Frog With Green Repaint, Probably Wilton   Dimensions: 3H 4.5D 5.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 344  Turned Stand   Pine With Nutmeg Finish, 12 Inch Top Plate   Dimensions: 46H 15.5D 15.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 345  Cast Iron Doorstop   WT   Galleon   Dimensions: 11.25H 12.253W   Qty: 1

Lot 346  Dresden Pitcher   VILLEROY AND BOCH   6326  Grazing Sheep And Harvesting Wheat Scenes In Gray Tone   Dimensions: 8H 5.25D 7.75W   Qty: 1

Lot 347  Gone With The Wind Lamp   Hand Painted Lamp With Squashed Base And 11 Inch Globe, Converted To Electric   Dimensions: 22H 11D 11W   Qty: 1

Lot 348  Hand Knotted Rug Runner   Royal Bokara Runner, Signed, Fringes Are In Excellent Condition,    Dimensions: 22D 131W   Qty: 1

Lot 349  Eastlake Table   Victorian Era Walnut Eastlake Style With Italian Pink Marble Top, 4 Legs Descend To 4 Feet Surrounding Central Finial   Dimensions: 29H 13.75D 17W   Qty: 1

Lot 350  Oil Lamp   PLUME AND ATWOOD   Clear Glass With Reverse Bullseye Pattern Circa 1955   Dimensions: 19H 6.25D 6.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 351  Cased Satin Glass   Light Green To Med Green Satin Glass In Clamshell Pattern With Hand Applied Enamel, Top Is Squeezed Crimped Opening   Dimensions: 5.5H 5.5D 5.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 352  Horse Drawn Tanker   Hand Built Model Tanker, Full Suspension With Leaf Springs And 5th Wheel Steering Gear, Wood Wheels   Dimensions: 13H 8D 16W   Qty: 1

Lot 353  Piano Lamp   Brass Legs , Pole And Font With Cast Table, Converted To Electric, 10.5 Inch Globe, Hand Painted   Dimensions: 65H 18D 18W   Qty: 1

Lot 354  Brides Basket   Victorian Era Art Glass Basket, Case Glass With Interior From White Through Green To Copper Having Hand Applied Raised Enamel, Scalloped Edges With Crimped Rim, Silver Plated Frame Is Numbered 253.    Dimensions: 12.5H 11D 11W   Qty: 1

Lot 355  Ice Cream Sandwich Scoop   MAYER MFG CO   Adjustable Portion Scoop At 10-16-18-Or 20 Scoops Per Quart. Professionally Cleaned And Polished, Circa 1920-1930   Dimensions: 12H 1D 4.75W   Qty: 1

Lot 356  Ice Cream Scoop Sandwich Scoop   GILCHRISTS   33  Conical Scoop With Double Dasher, Size 12 Scoop, Corca 1915- 1925, Nickel Plated Brass And Brass Stem Wood Handle   Dimensions: 10H 2.5D 3.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 357  Banquet Lamp   Wrought Iron Base Holds Brass Font That Has Been Converted From Oil To Electric   Dimensions: 32.5H 12D 12W   Qty: 1

Lot 358  Chocolate Set   Nippon China Hand Painted With Gold Leafpot On Stand With (6) Cups And Saucers   Qty: 1

Lot 359  Cherry Seeder   NEW STANDARD   DANDY NO 70   Dandy No. 70 Cherry Seeder In Original Box   Dimensions: 10H 7D 6W   Qty: 1

Lot 360  Cruet Set   Victorian Era Silver Plate And Cranberry Glass 5 Bottle Cruet Set, Uncertain Age, Not New But May Be An Older Reproduction   Qty: 1

Lot 361  Brass Bucket   H W HAYDEN’S WATERBURY BRASS   Brass Bucket With Hand Forged Bail Handle On Brass Tripod Stand. Bucket Is Marked, Circa 1880-1890, Was Professioally Polished   Dimensions: 7H 7.75D 10.75W   Qty: 1

Lot 362  Cast Iron Doorstop   HUBLEY   327  Russian Wolfhound/ Borzoi, Paint Loss On Legs, Face And Along Joint And Some On Sides   Dimensions: 7.75H 3.25D 12.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 363  Pickle Caster   WILCOX SILVER PLATE CO   693  Quadruple Silverplated Frame And Lid, Pressed Jar Is Cranberry Almost The Shade Of Uranium Glass   Dimensions: 10.75H 4.75D 6W   Qty: 1

Lot 364  Marble Top Stand   Cast Stand With Figural Angels On Corners, Italian Marble Oval Inlay Top, Cast Undershelf With Some Type Of Deposit On It That Needs Cleaned And Polished   Dimensions: 32.5H 12D 15W   Qty: 1

Lot 365  Lamp   ANDRES BY SADEK   Tulip Shade Boudoir Lamp   Dimensions: 8H 4.5D 4.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 366  Madame Lamp   292. 100   Red Satin Glass Oil Lamp, Grape Clusters And Leaves, Brass Oil Font Was From A Different Lamp   Dimensions: 27H 9.5D 9.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 367  Oak Table   Oak Contemporary Single Drawer Table With Porcelain Knob, Has Oak Lower Shelf, Turned Legs, 3 Inch Backsplash   Dimensions: 28.5H 16.5D 24W   Qty: 1

Lot 368  Arts And Crafts Table   Atrts And Crafts Style Table In Pine And Oak, One Side Has Acmissing Bric-A-Brac Piece And Another Side Has A Loose One    Dimensions: 28H 18D 18W   Qty: 1

Lot 369  Figural Bottle   SNOW CREST   Bear Figural Bottle, Bank And Refrigerator Jar, Bottom Marked With I In A Circle, 14, 4, 2, Retains Original Cap In Fine Condition   Qty: 1

Lot 370  Cased Satin Glass   Cased, White Interior With Pale Green To Pea Green Exterior , Hand Painted Enamel Flowers And Having An Applied Opaque Handle   Dimensions: 10H 3.5D 4.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 371  Brass Horse Collar Bells   4 Bell Set Of Horse Collar Bells That Mounted To The Crest Of A Horse Collar. Multiple Interior Clangers Make Nice Ringing Sound. Mounted Now On A Round Wood Base   Dimensions: 8H 2.75D 8.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 372  Eapg   ADAMS AND CO   WILDFLOWER   Blue Eapg, Wildflower, 8 Inch Covered Compote On Pedestal Base And 4 X 8 Covered Candy Dish On Short Pedestal. 1/4 Inch Chip On Interior Lip Of Compote Lid   Dimensions: 12H 8D 8W   Qty: 1

Lot 373  Pickle Caster   HOMAN SILVERPLATE CO   1068  Pressed Glass In Silverplate Drow Woth A Pair Of Owls And A Removable Butterfly On The Prow, Operating Wheels, Bracket At Top Appears To Be For A Pic Or Tong That Is Not Included   Dimensions: 8.75H 4D 10W   Qty: 1

Lot 374  Ice Cream Scoop   GILCHRISTS   31  Bananna Split Scoop, Brass And Nickeled Brass With Wood Handle, Circa 1910-1920, Professionally Cleaned And Polished   Dimensions: 1H 11.5D 2.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 375  Ice Cream Scoop   GILCHRISTS   31  Gilchrists Model 31 Was Made In 9 Sizes In Standard Round Bowl Scoop. They Were 6,8,10,12,16,20,24,30,40 Scoops Per Quart. Patent Applied For 1908 But Issued In 1915. Unique Chance To Buy The Complete Run At One Time. All In Good Operating Condition, Several Have Been Professionally Cleaned And Polished. Circa 1915-1925   Qty: 9

Lot 376  Hand Knotted Rug    Antique Persian Rug With Tufted Fringes   Dimensions: 47D 78W   Qty: 1

Lot 377  Scissors   BMC   B-122 CHANGE-A-BLADE   Replaceable Scissors In Box With Directions   Dimensions: 2.5D 7W   Qty: 1

Lot 378  Satin Glass   Satin Raindrop Vase, Crimped Top Rom With Drooped Ends, Round Base With Oblong Top Opening.    Dimensions: 8H 4D 4W   Qty: 1

Lot 379  Cased Satin Glass   Cased Cream And Sugar On Silverplate Stand. Ivory Exterior With Pink Interior And Joined By An Applied Amber Scalloped Top And Handle   Dimensions: 6.5H 4.25D 7.75W   Qty: 1

Lot 380  Oil Lamp   BRADLEY AND HUBBARD   RAYO   Nickel Plated Stand Light, Shade Has A Rough Bottom Edge Caused By Movement On Metal Wire Shade Holders Over Years   Dimensions: 20.5H 10.5D 10.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 381  Secretary   Figured Oak Curio Cabinet, 2 Doors On Top, Flanking Beveled Mirror Under A Carved Crest, Right Slanted Top With Fitted Interior Over 3 Drawers With Brass Bail Pulls And Backplates, Left Has Glass With 4 Shelves   Dimensions: 71.5H 12D 39W   Qty: 1

Lot 382  Washstand   Late Victorian, Walnut Finish, Brass Bail Pulls, 1 Drawer Over 2 Drawers And A Door With 1 Shelf, 7.5 Inch Backsplash, Whote Ceramic Casters   Dimensions: 35H 17D 30W   Qty: 1

Lot 383  Sad Irons   (2) Sad Irons , 1 Was Painted But Has Lost Much Of That   Qty: 1

Lot 384  Chocolate Set   Nippon Hand Painted Chocolate Set With Pot And (6) Cups And Saucers, Has Hand Applied Moriage Trim, Hexagonal Shape On All Pieces   Qty: 1

Lot 385  Eapg Childs Toy Glass Set   DOYLE GLASS CO   Complete Set With Tray As Seen In Whitmyers Encyclopedia Of Childrens Dishes. Pg 65. There Is A Chip In The Lid Of The Butter Dish And Some Rough Area On The Rim Of Yhe Creamer That I Believe Is Factory Roughage. Circa 1880-1890   Qty: 1

Lot 386  Marble Top Stand   Victoroan Era Eastlake Style 3 Legged Stand. Italian Pink Marble 12 X 12 Top On Turned Inverted Central Spindle Supported By 3 Lightly Carved Legs   Qty: 1

Lot 387  Piano Lamp   Piano Light Brass Legs , Base And Pole, Cast Font Holder, Converted To Electric, Hand Painted Shade   Dimensions: 60H 16D 16W   Qty: 1

Lot 388  Miniature Lamps   White Satin Glass With Embossed Ribbing, Fired On Paint In Pink, Blue, And Green. Nutmeg Burners. 8 Inches High , Rough Edges On Tops Of Both Shades That May Be Factory Imperfections Or Old Chips That Were Sanded,    Dimensions: 8H 3D 3W   Qty: 2

Lot 389  Copper Lustre Pitcher   Dancing Ladies Pitcher, Copper Lustre Finish, Circa 1880-1900   Dimensions: 6.5H 4.75D 7.75W   Qty: 1

Lot 390  Folk Art   Pendulum Balance, Teeter Totter, Hunter With Rifle Over Buck   Dimensions: 17H 4.25D 11.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 391  Gone With The Wind Lamp   Amber Shade And Base Diffuser With Embossed Decoration Surrounding Hand Painted Flower, Made As An Electric Lamp With Lights In Diffuser And Shade,    Dimensions: 24H 9.5D 9.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 392  Mustache Cup   Gay 90’S Cup And Saucer,    Dimensions: 6.75W   Qty: 1

Lot 393  Inkwell   Brass Hinged Inkwell With Double Lids And Bound In Leather. Likely A Travel Piece   Dimensions: 1.75H 2D 2W   Qty: 1

Lot 394  Brides Basket    Brides Basket With Pears, Cased Satin Glass, Pink Interior, White Exterior With Hand Painted Gold Leaves, Branches And Flowers. Bowl Has Scalloped Top With Crimped Edges, Bowl Is 11 X 5 Inches. Bowl And Frame Are Each Extra On Thier Own   Dimensions: 15H 10D 11.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 395  Camp Stove   TAYLOR AND BOGGIS FOUNDRY CO   NO. 1   Oilfuel Camp Stove Marked “Game Junior”   Dimensions: 8.25H 4D 6.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 396  Slag Glass Lamp   MILLER LIGHTING CO   252  Antique Bent Panel Slag Glass Blue And Purple Slag, All Panels Match, Ornate Open Overlay, Cast Metal Base Reeded And Fluted With Embossed Overlay    Dimensions: 22H 14.5D 14.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 397  Brass Handbell   Brass Bell, Wood Handle, Brass Clanger, Marked Tt 10   Dimensions: 9.25H 5.25D 5.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 398  Carnival Glass   IMPERIAL GLASS CO INC   GRAPE AND CABLE   Vintage Marigold Orange Carnival Glass Water Pitcher And (6) Glasses   Qty: 1

Lot 399  Cheese Keeper   BRATHWAITES   FAIRY LUSTRE WARE   Cheese Keeper   Dimensions: 7H 8D 10.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 400  Telephone   WESTERN ELECTRIC   Vintage Original Wall Mount Phone In Oak Case, Contains Original Hand Cranked Magneto,    Dimensions: 12.25H 13D 23W   Qty: 1

Lot 401  Pickle Caster   MERIDEN COMPANY   147  Cranberry To Clear Jar In Silverplated Stand With Tongs   Dimensions: 12.25H 5D 3.75W   Qty: 1

Lot 402  Eapg Childs Toy Glass Set   BRYCE HIGBEE   MENAGERIE   Blue Set Includes Owl Creamer, Fish Spooner And Bear Sugar With Slot. (2) Small Chips In Fish Mouth See Pictures   Qty: 1

Lot 403  Banquet Lamp   Oil Lamp Brass Base And Oil Font, Round Handpainted Globe With Birds And Flowers Signed By Lillian Lloyd   Dimensions: 34.5H 11D 11W   Qty: 1

Lot 404  Humidor   Anglo Irish Cut Glass Brilliant, Zipper Cut, Inside Prism, Bullseye, . Art Nouveau Sterling Top By International Circa 1900, Top With Floral Repousse Decoration. Sterling Top Weight Is 4.9 Ounces   Dimensions: 10H 5D 5W   Qty: 1

Lot 405  French Pigeon Light   OLYMPE   Lampe Feutree, Olympe, Marque De Posee, Brulant L’essence, Minerale, Garantie Inexposible, Securite Absolue, Guaifte Superieure, Stamped In Brass Case On Mineral Oil Lamp Used From Late 1880’S Through 1920’S. Supposed To Be Explosion Proof Due To Felt Filled Oil Font.    Dimensions: 7H 3175D 3.175W   Qty: 1

Lot 406  Hand Knotted Rug    Bedvak, Hand Knotted Wool Rug , Tufted Fringes In Excellent Condition    Dimensions: 49D 75W   Qty: 1

Lot 407  Barristers Bookcase   4 Shelf Contemporary Barristers Case With Glass Doors, Interior Shelf Is 27.5 C 11.5 X 11.5 Each   Dimensions: 60.5H 12.5D 29.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 408  Barristers Bookcase   4 Shelf Contemporary Barristers Case With Glass Doors, Interior Shelf Is 27.5 C 11.5 X 11.5 Each   Dimensions: 60.5H 12.5D 29.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 409  Barristers Bookcase   4 Shelf Contemporary Barristers Case With Glass Doors, Interior Shelf Is 27.5 C 11.5 X 11.5 Each   Dimensions: 60.5H 12.5D 29.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 410  Lidded Stoneware   ROYAL DOULTON   Lidded Vessel, Heavy Cast Base And Lid With Rim, Stoneware Blue And Gold Decorated Is 5 X 4.5, Rim Snd Lid Are Fastened To Stoneware With Mastoc Which Is Smeared Some In One Area, See Pictures   Dimensions: 7.5H 7.5D 7.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 411  Bureau Valet   REED AND BARTON   330  Silver Plated Organizer With (3) Swinging Half Drawers, Angel Holds Up Reflector, Drawers Have Excuisite Engraving. Patent Date Is 1880   Dimensions: 14.25H 6.25D 6.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 412  Eapg Childs Toy Glass Set   CAMBRIDGE   COLONIAL NO. 2630   Green Four Piece Table Set, Butter With Lid, Creamer, Sugar With Lid And Spooner. Several Pieces Have Bubbles Molded In To Glass   Qty: 1

Lot 413  French Pigeon Light   Light Designed To Burn Mineral Oil But Capable Of Burning Kerosene, Felt Filled Oil Font To Make It Explosion Resistant   Dimensions: 6.5H 4.75D 3.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 414  Double Student Lamp   Brass And Brass Plated Adjustable Height Base With (2) 10 Inch Cased Glass Smooth Shades With Yellow Fired On Glaze   Dimensions: 29H 12D 26W   Qty: 1

Lot 415  Tin Toy   German Operating Toy Cash Register And Paper Dispenser, Made In Germany Between 1945- 1955 During Us Occupation    Dimensions: 3.5H 3.25D 6.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 416  Vaporizer   VAPO- CRESOLENE   Antique Vaporizer, Oil Burner Heated Dish To Vaporize Liquids Marketed As Cures For Various Medical Conditions. In Original Box, Missing Chimney   Dimensions: 6.5H 3.25D 3.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 417  Limoges Chocolate Set   CHARLES FIELD HAVILAND FOR GERARD DUFRAESSIX AND MOREL   Chocolate Set On Platter Includes Choclate Pot , 4 Cups And Saucers. Made In Limoges France By Charles Field Haviland For Gerard Dufraisseix And Morel. Circa 1891   Dimensions: 9.5H 15D 16.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 418  Country Sheraton Dropleaf Table   Pembroke Walnut Table , Leaves Extended Width Is 45.5, Mortise And Tenon Construction, Circa 1830-1840   Dimensions: 29H 21.5D 40.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 419  Boudoir Lamp   Slag Glass, Caramel Slag Over Blue Slag With Heavy Cast Metal Base With Significant Finish Loss, Shedding Paint As It Is Handled, Original Wiring Works.    Dimensions: 16H 7D 7W   Qty: 1

Lot 420  Inkwells   Pair In Hinged Lid Glass Inkwells In Cast Metal Tray With Pen Rest    Dimensions: 6.5D 10W   Qty: 1

Lot 421  Amber Glass   EGERMANN   Etched Amber To Clear Glassware, Bohemian Czech, Compote 8 1/4 X 7 With A 3/16 Inch Fleabite On Rim , ( See Picture) , Vase Is 6 X 8 1/4 Inches, Grape Leaves And Clusters   Qty: 1

Lot 422  Oil Cans   Vintage Metal Oil Cans , Largest Is 3 X 5 1/2 Inches, Smallest Is  2 X 2 3/4 Inches   Qty: 1

Lot 423  Onyx Stand   Cast Metal And Brass Frame And Legs, Ornate Pierced Brass Frame Descends To Gently Curved Legs With Stylized Goat Head Applique Then To A Lower Piercedcollar With Onyx And Brass Finial And Then To Embellised Brass Feet. Onyx Top Is 11 X 11   Dimensions: 33H 15.5D 15.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 424  Childs Pine Hutch   Pine Cabinet , 2 Doors Over Shelf Over 2 Drawers Over 2 Doors.  Contemporary Build   Dimensions: 48H 13D 26.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 425  Vintage Plant Stand   Walnut Stand With Carrera Marble Top, 10 Inch Marble On11 Inch Walnut Top, Turned Splindle Supported By 3 Scroll Cut Legs And Feet    Dimensions: 29.5H 13D 13W   Qty: 1

Lot 426  Chocolate Set   Tall Chocolate Pot At 12 Inches, (5) Cups And Saucers, Heavy Gold Paint Appearsto Be Gold Leaf   Qty: 1

Lot 427  Cased Satin Glass   Descending Tiered Vase, Pink Satin Interior With Clear Exterior Has Fired Glaze Greenon Base, Pink On Top , Drooped Edge Upper Rim   Dimensions: 10H 6.5D 6.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 428  Gone With The Wind Lamp   Amtique Oil Gwtw Lamp, Base Is Marked 271, Flame Spreader On Oil Font Marked Royal, Hand Painted Shade And Base   Dimensions: 21.5H 8D 8W   Qty: 1

Lot 429  Vintage Tin Storage Box   Vintage Hinged Lid Round Box Contains (7) Round Lidded Tins With Slip Tops, Perhaps For Tea Or Spices, Some Rust    Dimensions: 3H 8.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 430  Amethyst Glasses   Set Of (6) Glasses Etched With Strawberries And Vines Having The Leaves And Vines Decorated With Gold Leaf , Some Residual Gold Leaf On Some Rims    Dimensions: 4H 3.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 431  Leg Irons   Leg Irons With Connecting Chains, 3 3/8 Inch Opening, No Key Or Release, Previse Maching Makes Age Indeterminate   Qty: 1

Lot 432  Banquet Lamp   Brass And Nickel Base With Onyx Column, Older Bradley And Hubbard Oil Font Installed And Modified To Electric. Hand Painted 9 Inch Ball Shade   Dimensions: 33.5H 8D 8W   Qty: 1

Lot 433  Piano Lamp   Diamond Shaped Cast Metal With Brass Finish And  Brass Pole And Font, Modified To Use Electric, Base Supported By Dragon  Feet   Dimensions: 63H 17D 21W   Qty: 1

Lot 434  Copper Lustre Pitcher   Victorian Era Copper Lustre  Pitcher, Hand Painted Flowers   Dimensions: 6.5H 5D 4W   Qty: 1

Lot 435  Ice Cream Scoop   GILCHRISTS   31  Antique Size 6 Scoop, Brass And Nickled Brass With Wood Handle, Professionally Cleaned And Polished   Dimensions: 1.75H 11D 3W   Qty: 1

Lot 436  Ice Cream Scoop   GILCHRISTS   31  Antique Size 20 Scoop, Brass And Nickled Brass With Wood Handle, Professionally Cleaned And Polished   Dimensions: 1.25H 10.5D 3W   Qty: 1

Lot 437  Spool Cabinet   CLARK’S   Oak 2 Drawer Spool Caninet, Some Finish Loss On Top ( See Pictures) And Partially Removed Decal On End   Dimensions: 8H 14D 23W   Qty: 1

Lot 438  Copper Kettle   Copper Apple Butter Kettle With Hand Forged Iron Bail Handle   Dimensions: 13H 18W   Qty: 1

Lot 439  Cast Iron Doorstop   Boston Terrier Facing Right Full Figure, Several Paint Chips, See Pictures   Dimensions: 9H 4D 8W   Qty: 1

Lot 440  Cased Glass Brides Basket   E G WEBSTER AND SON   Cased Glass Basket With White Interior And Light Pink To Dark Pink Exterior Both With Hand Painted Flowers, Top Rim Has Scalloped Edge With Crimped Rim. Basket Sits In A Silver Plated Base Of A Tray Held Up By A Standing Angel. Circa 1880-1910   Dimensions: 14H 11D 11.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 441  Cased Satin Glass Pickle Caster   Exterior Is Waffle Quilted Pink Satin Glass Over White Interior, Unique ( 6)1/2 Egg Shape Bulges On Jar. Sits In A Silver Plate Frame And Matching Lid And Tongs.    Dimensions: 8.5H 7D 7W   Qty: 1

Lot 442  Antique Wind Up Tin Toy   KIDDIE WASHER   Wind Up Toy With Washer That Shakes Side Ti Side And Has Mounted Hand Wringer On Top, Wind Up Key Has Been Repairedin The Past   Dimensions: 14H 9D 12.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 443  Telephone Lamp   Brass Plated Table Telephone Made By Western Electric Converted To Lamp. Lift Receiver Off Hook To Turn On Light   Dimensions: 24H 10D 10W   Qty: 1

Lot 444  Hand Knotted Rug    Wool Rug With Tufted Fringes   Dimensions: 74D 108W   Qty: 1

Lot 445  Lamp   PLUME AND ATWOOD   Silver Plate Lamp Base Has A P And A Duplex Oil Control That Has Been Converted To Electric   Dimensions: 22H 8.5D 8.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 446  Eapg Childs Toy Glass Set   GALLINDER AND SON   Set Includes: Butter With Lid, Spooner, Creamer, Sugar With Lid, Cup And Saucer, All In Clear   Qty: 1

Lot 447  Miniature Lamps   Novelty Lamps, Skull Is 4 X 3 X 7, Cannon Is 5 X 2 1/2 X 7 1/2   Qty: 1

Lot 448  Brass Funnels   Nesting Brass Funnels, 3 Sizes,    Dimensions: 6H 4D 8W   Qty: 1

Lot 449  Vintage Bow Front Curio Cabinet   Oak Bow Front, Dark Finish, 3 Curved Glass Panels, Working Lock Wit Key, Scroll Pilasters And Feet, 5 Shelves With Plate Grooves, Circa 1920’S-1930’S, Wood Cadters, Minor Finish Loss On Some Shelves   Dimensions: 65H 15.5D 39.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 450  Turtle Top Marble Top Table   20th Century Rococo Revival Style Carrera Marble Turtle Top Table With Turned Central Finial, Canrioletlegs With Curved Knees And Sculptured Stringers   Dimensions: 27H 20D 31W   Qty: 1

Lot 451  Banquet Lamp   PLUME AND ATWOOD   Pressed Glass Base And Pedestal And Oil Font With Duplex Controls And Wicks. Shafe Is Cased Glass Ribbed Pink To Cleara   Dimensions: 35H 8D 8W   Qty: 1

Lot 452  Eapg Childs Toy Glass Set   Lamb Toy Table Set, Butter With Lid, Creamer, Sugar Wit Lid, Spooner With 1/4 Inch Chip In Rim That Was Smoothed Out In The Past( See Picture)   Qty: 1

Lot 453  Banquet Lamp   BRISTOL BRASS AND CLOCK CO   THE CRYSTAL LIGHT BURNER   Clear Ribbed Base And Clear Font With Bb And C Duplex Control Snd Wicks, Etched Shade Has Crimped And Scalloped Rim. Shade Has A Flea Bite On Lower Lip That Doesnt Show.    Dimensions: 29H 7.25D 7.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 454  Sterling Demitasse Set   LENOX AND J.E. CALDWELL AND CO   6749  Set Of Demitasse Cups With The China Inserts Mae By Lenox. The Cup Holders And Saucers With Pierced Decorations Are Sterling Silver Made By Je Caldwell And Co From Philadelphia. Sterling Weight Is 25.5 Oounces For Entire Set, 2. 1 Ounces For Each Set Of Saucer And Cup Holder   Dimensions: 2.175H 3.375W   Qty: 12

Lot 455  Cased Satin Glass   Cased, White Interior With Yellow Over Orange Exterior, Square Form With Rounddd Edges, Crimped And Scalloped Upper Rim, Appliqued Frosted Handle Snd 4 Feet   Dimensions: 9.5H 4.5D 4.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 456  Asian Motif Marble Inlay Stand   Ornately Pierced Carved Skirt Surrounds Csrvef Top With Pink Marble Insert, Heavily Carved Knee And Ball And Claw Feet, Circa 1880-1920, Skirt Pieces Are A Bit Loose But Everything Is In Its Proper Place.    Dimensions: 24H 18D 18W   Qty: 1

Lot 457  Onyx Stand   Pierced Cast Metal Skirt Surrounds A 9 X 9 Onyx Top. Gently Curbed Cabriolet Brass Legs To Lower Pierced Shelf With Onyx Insert Then Down To Cast Feet   Dimensions: 29.75H 14.75D 14.75W   Qty: 1

Lot 458  Floor Lamp   MILLER LAMP CO   THE SOLAR    Vintage Lamp With Wtought Iron Base Holding A Moller Lighting Brass Oil Font And Burner That Has Been Converted To Electric. Has A 9 Inch Handpainted Ball Globe   Dimensions: 49H 15D 15W   Qty: 1

Lot 459  Double Pickle Caster   SIMPSON HALL MILLER CO   129  Double Jar Pickle Caster, 1 Blue, 1 Clear Jar On Silver Plate Stand With Fork   Dimensions: 11.75H 5D 8.75W   Qty: 1

Lot 460  Hand Knotted Rug    Toual Bokara, Signed, Hand Knotted, Excellent Fringes   Dimensions: 74D 116W   Qty: 1

Lot 461  Coach Lamps   DIETZ   OCTO DRIVING LAMPS   Oil Fired Coach Lamps, 1 Has A Replacement Front Clear Lense, Both Have Red Rear Lenses, Some Finish And Paint Loss From Use   Dimensions: 10H 5.75D 6.5W   Qty: 2

Lot 462  Childs Storage Chest   Hinged Top, Wood Handles Each End, Half Ball Feet   Dimensions: 13.25H 12D 22.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 463  Stretched Printed Fabric   Printed On Cotton In Turkey, Ringneck Pheasants By Stream   Dimensions: 42H 61.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 464  Marble Top Table   Victorian Era Renaissance Revival Marble Top Table, Wal Nut And Walnut Burl Veneer, Carrera Marble Inset, Center Finial On 4 Leg Base, White Plastic Casters   Dimensions: 30H 16.5D 22.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 465  Piano Lamp   Brass Pole, Font And Legs With Cast Metal Connectors, Stylized Peacocks Top Legs, Oil Lamp Converted To Electric, Ball Shade Is Transfer Decorated   Dimensions: 55H 17D 17W   Qty: 1

Lot 466  Chocolate Set   CAULDON   K4410   Made For Gilman Collamore And Co, 10 1/2 Inch Pot , 6 Cups And Saucers   Qty: 1

Lot 467  Cherub Face Oil Lamp   Red Satin  Glass Oil Lamp With Baby Face On Each Of 4 Sides Both On The Shade And  The Base. Circa 1895-1910   Dimensions: 26.5H 9.5D 9.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 468  Vintage Bow Front Curio Cabinet   Oak Bow Front, Dark Finish, 3 Curved Glass Panels, Working Lock With Key, Curved Pilasters And Feet, 5 Shelves With Plate Grooves, Circa 1920’S-1930’S, Wood Casters    Dimensions: 61H 15D 37W   Qty: 1

Lot 469  Victorian Hall Tree   Late Victorian Era Hall Tree, Rococo Revival Style, Oak, (6) Turned Coat Pegs, Sculpted Central Mirror, Umbrella Stands On Each End, Oak Middle And Side Shelves With Single Drawer In Center   Dimensions: 90H 13D 50.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 470  Antique Toy Sewing Machine   Hand Operated, Everything Turns, Has Some Additional Pieces Along With Original Boxwith Partial Label   Dimensions: 6.75H 4.75D 9.75W   Qty: 1

Lot 471  Gone With The Wind Lamp   EDWARD MILLER CO   Lamp With Cast Metal Base With Brass Finish And Brass Font, Converted To Electric, Vibrant Ball Shade,    Dimensions: 23H 10D 12W   Qty: 1

Lot 472  Toy Cast Iron Waffle Iron   BRIGHTON   Working 3 1/2 Inch Cast Iron Waffle Iron, There Appears To Be An Old Repair On The Honge Not Readily Visible And Doesnt Affect Operation    Dimensions: 51.25D 7W   Qty: 1

Lot 473  Handpaintd Fish Set   Austrian China Fish Platter And (8) 8 1/2 Inch Plates, All Handpainted   Dimensions: 9D 20.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 474  Childs Furniture   Early Hand Built Doll Size Step Back Cupboard    Dimensions: 24.5H 6.5D 12.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 475  Vintage Childs Tea Set   J CHEIN AND CO   209  Tin Set In Box, Tral, 2 Plates, 2 Saucers , 3 Cups. Complete As Originally Boxed. Circa 1950’S   Qty: 1

Lot 476  Vintage Mini Table Top Food Grinder   ROLLMAN MFG. CO.    NO.11   Early Split Body Grinder, Made In Mt Joy Pa.    Dimensions: 6.5H 5.D 2.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 477  Reverse Painted Lamp   Pink Flowers And Grapes With Frosted Finish, Indeterminate Age, Cast Metal Base With Bronze Patina, May Be A More Recent Marriage Of Shade And Base.    Dimensions: 20.5H 16D 16W   Qty: 1

Lot 478  Early American Leather Hole Punch    Primitive Hand Made Adjustable Punch For Leather Harnesses Or Belts   Dimensions: 12H 5D 23W   Qty: 1

Lot 479  Inkwell   FRANK A WEEKS   PARAGON 490   Paragon Inkwell Well Anti-Drip Insert And Double Pen Rests And Rolling Blotter Holder.    Dimensions: 2H 4.375D 3.85W   Qty: 1

Lot 480  Cast Iron Doorstop Bootjack   Made In The Dtyle Of John Wright But Unmarked, Age Indeterminate   Dimensions: 2.5H 4.5D 10.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 481  Cheese Keeper   W.W.R. AND CO   Blue Flowers And Leaves With  Gold Trim On Flowers Snd Gold Veins In Leaves, Marked Staffordshire England 98.    Dimensions: 6.5H 8D 8W   Qty: 1

Lot 482  Eapg Pitcher   DALZELL, GILMORE AND LEIGHTON   Deer And Oak Tree Pitcher   Dimensions: 8.785H 7.75D 4.75W   Qty: 1

Lot 483  Cut Ruby Vase   EGERMANN   Ruby Cut To Clear Urn Shaped Vase   Dimensions: 12H 6D 6W   Qty: 1

Lot 484  Miniature Lamps   5 Miniature Oil Lamps, All Made In Hong Kong   Qty: 1

Lot 485  Machine Fluter, Fluting Iron   NOTH BROTHERS MFG. CO.    AMERICAN   Antique Fluting Machine To Make Ruffles On Collars And Cuffs With Less Effort. Last Patent Date Is 1880 But Mfg After 1892. Retains Original Brass Rollers   Dimensions: 5.5H 6D 8.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 486  Chocolate Set   Hand Painted Nippon Set With Flying Swans. 8 Inch Pot, (6) Cups And Saucers, Enamel And Gold Paint With Azure Embellishments Below All The Rims   Qty: 1

Lot 487  Cased Glass Brides Basket   Basket Has White Exterior With Pink To White Interior, Silver Plated Frame   Dimensions: 10.8H 6.75D 9.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 488  Satin Glass Vas   Cased Satin Glass With White Interior And Varying Pink Hues On Exterior, Bud Vase Shape   Dimensions: 7H 3.5D 3.5W   Qty: 1

Lot 489  Piano Lamp   R HOLLINGS AND CO   Polished Brass Tripodal Oil Lamp In Beaux-Arts Style, Fitted With Duplex Wick Control And Hand Painted Floral Shade, Circa 1880-1900   Dimensions: 61H 17D 17W   Qty: 1

Lot 490  Eastlake Style Stand   Round Top With Carved Decoration Has Finish Loss Central Turned Comumn Had 3 Turned Supports On 3 Carved Legs With Painted Insets In Carvings  Also Withsome Finish Loss    Dimensions: 31H 14D 14W   Qty: 1

Lot 491  Eapg Childs Toy Glass Set   CAMBRIDGE GLASS CO   CAMBRIDGE SWEETHEART   Covered Butter Dish, Creamer, Covered Sugar, Spooner. Bottom Of Sugar Only Is Marked “ Near Cut” . One Tooth On Sawtooth Edge Of Spooner Is Chipped, Very Minor Rough Edge On Inside Of Butter Lid.    Qty: 1

Lot 492  Eapg   ADAMS AND CO   ART, JACOB’S TEARS   7 Inch Compote With Lid On High Pedestal, -Water Pitcher Bulbous 1/2 Gallon, -Cracker Jar With Lid, -Circa 1890-1900   Qty: 1

Lot 493  Brass Bucket   THE ANSONIA BRASS CO   H W Haydens Co, Patent 1866, Rounded Bottom Spun Brass Bucket With Steel Bail Handle   Dimensions: 9.5H 10D 14.25W   Qty: 1

Lot 494  Parlor Lamp   French Brass And Cast Metal Base With Cranberry To Clear Etched Glass Shade, Cast Dragon Feet   Dimensions: 22.25H 5.75D 5.75W   Qty: 1

Lot 495  Pickle Caster   PAIRPOINT MFG. CO.   1326  Cranberry Caster Jar In A Slumped Bulbous Form In A Silver Plate Frame   Dimensions: 7.5H 5D 7W   Qty: 1

Lot 496  Toy Glass   HOBBS BROCKUNIER AND CO   HOBBS FRANCES WARE   Set Of (5) Frosted With Amber Tumblers   Qty: 1

Lot 497  Ice Shaver   WRIGHTSVILLE HARDWARE CO   NO 7   Hinged Top Galvanized Ice Shaver, Adjustable Depth Shaving Blade   Dimensions: 22.25D 6W   Qty: 1

Lot 498  Boudoir Lamp   Csramel Slag Shade With Elaborate Spider Web Overlay, 6 Panels, Cast Metal Antique Gold Patina Base    Qty: 1

Lot 499  Miniature Lamps   PLUME AND ATWOOD   ACORN   Double Burner Brass Log, Adjustable Height, Oil Lamp,    Dimensions: 3.515D 8W   Qty: 1

Lot 500  Hand Knotted Rug Runner   Antique Persian Runner, Tufted Tassels On One End And Missing On The Other End   Dimensions: 39D 117W   Qty: 1

Lot 501  Brass Inkwell   Brass Base , Brass Well, Hinged Lid   Dimensions: 2H 3.5D 3.5W   Qty: 1